Le Lemon Tour

Le Lemon Tour, self-guided and guided cycling tours in Carthage

Discover Carthage’s archeological sites, La Goulette’s tastes and flavours and the timeless beauty of Sidi Bou Said!

In summer, book your bike and tours contacting our team 🙂

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Our approach

So far, cars are dominating the Tunisian transportation sector. Focused almost exclusively on seaside tourism, the abundance of Tunisia’s cultural heritage has so far been underutilized.  Le Lemon Tour acts as a change agent: we put bikes back on Tunisia’s roads and offer to its inhabitants and visitors an alternative way to discover the country.

Today, Le Lemon Tour offers its bike rental services in Carthage and surroundings, proposing guided or self-guided tours. In the future, we will take the many out to the often-unknown beauties of Tunisia’s regions.

Our vision and values

At Le Lemon Tour, our ambition is to make people happy. Our activities aim at changing the means of mobility and the ways to discover Tunisia. We want to contribute to improve the quality of life in Tunisia’s cities. In Carthage and elsewhere, our focus is on humans and the environment, and based on the ideas of local development and social innovation. This motivates us to work hard to offer a high-quality service to our customers.