Vision, values and approach

Our Vision and Values

Lemon Tour's ambition is to bring happiness to the greatest number
. Our activity aims at transforming the ways of travelling and
visiting in Tunisia. We wish to contribute to the improvement of the
quality of life in Tunisian cities. In Carthage and elsewhere, we
put people and the environment at the centre of our action. We work
every day to offer a quality service, basing our approach on
local development and social innovation. 

Our approach

In Tunisia, the means of transport are almost exclusively limited to the car. The richness of Tunisia's heritage is not well promoted and tourism has long been focused on the seaside. Lemon Tour is a change agent: we are putting the bicycle back on the Tunisian roads and we offer a discovery of Tunisia under its multiple facets. For its inhabitants and visitors, the best way to appreciate the country!


Today, The Lemon Tour proposes to visit Carthage and its surroundings by bike, alone or with a guide. Tomorrow, we will take as many people as possible to discover other regions.