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Tunis Agency

Bike rental near Tunis

The team

Elhem Zitouni

Project Coordinator, Account Manager

Aymen Turki

Bike coach and technician

Head of Bike School

Zied Bahri

Head of Strategy and Development

Célia Corneil


Strategy, HR

Nicolas Planchenault


Strategy, finance, co-management

Markus Breitweg


Strategy and HR

Ghazi Ben Salah

Communication officer

Malek Chahed

Event Manager

Our Vision

The ambition of the Lemon tour is to bring happiness to as many people as possible.
Lemon Tour is above all a social enterprise, committed to a new economic, ecological and human model.
With the bicycle, our objective is to promote the richness of the Tunisian heritage and its territories.
Our goal is also to put the bicycle back on Tunisian roads and to develop sustainable ways of getting around.
The Lemon Tour team is the foundation of our business and our values. Fully involved in the management of the company, they manage to bring to fruition unique projects on a daily basis.